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The Two Key Ways of Keeping Your House Safe

The Two Key Ways of Keeping Your House Safe

How safe is your neighborhood? How safe is your house? These are some questions that you ask yourself ones you move to a new locality. Do not wait until the house is broken into for you to do the necessary changes on your security tips. To keep your house safe and bugler-free, you will have to improve the security measures. The auto locksmith Manassas offers great insight on home security. Visit there site

The Two Key Ways of Keeping Your House Safe

Know Your Neighbors

Having a trustworthy next-door neighbor can help keep your house safe at any given time and especially when you are away. They would keep an eye on your house. You can also visit your locksmith and get an extra copy of your keys that the neighbor can use to light certain lights to send burglars away.


You will further need to outsmart the buglers by having quality locks. There are various types of locks and advice from a professional auto locksmith is necessary. Below are some of the locks that can be used;

The Two Key Ways of Keeping Your House Safe

1. Rim Locks

They are surface mounted locks implemented widely in the early 20th century. The locks are installed on the rim of the door and use sliding latches that get retracted with pressure and extend when released. They are not very secure as they are exposed hence easily bypassed.

The Two Key Ways of Keeping Your House Safe

2. Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolts are the best locks to use on any of your doors. A good deadbolt ought to have a security plate with screws that reach into the door’s frame. Ask your local locksmith for the right deadbolt for your door.

The Two Key Ways of Keeping Your House Safe

3. Double Cylinder Lock

In some scenarios you may need to improvise your lock by installing a double cylinder lock. This is used when you a window on or near the door. The double cylinder lock needs a key from the inside, hence hard to open even with a broken window.

Latest Trends On Door Locks

Home safety has not been left behind by the development in technology. The lock industry has changed, from mechanical locks above to electric locks, smart locks and even use of biometric system in posh areas together with the business communities.

The Two Key Ways of Keeping Your House Safe

Phone-Connected Locks

Phones have revolutionized the lock system. Bluetooth-enabled locks were first of their kind sometime back and their populace has not dwindled. A software installed in the phone connects with the door locks via Bluetooth. This enables control of the door by tapping the app, when on a certain distance range. To overcome the short distance covered by Bluetooth, WI-FI use has taken over.

The WIFI-enabled smart locks are quite advance as you can control remotely or from anywhere. They also, have some added features including; alert notification, auto lock capabilities, and voice activation.

Connected Locks

Borrowed from the olden day’s idea of connected homes, connected locks work in similar way. The lock is connected to lights, appliances and other electronic devices. With connected locks, the door is automatically unlocked should there be smoke in the house.

Locks are only helpful if they are installed properly. Thus, ensure that you get a reputable locksmith to advice you appropriately and install the locks. Another key tip with locks is to change them occasionally. You may also consider re-keying (changing only the keys) rather than changing the entire lock hardware.

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