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Are Silk Bed Sheets Comfortable?

Silk bed sheets often get a bad rap. The reason for this is because people mix cheaper satin bed sheets with real silk sheets, and the two of them are definitely not the same. Satin bed sheets are slippery, hot and can be very uncomfortable in heat. Although silk bed sheets are an acquired taste, they can be a real bedding luxury for the right person.

The Pros of Having Silk Bed SheetsSilk Bed Sheets

Real silk bed sheets aren’t ‘slippery’ like many people think. They are actually extremely soft and comfortable. Of course, the silk sheen of the sheets look beautiful as well. Silk bed sheets are often thought of as having to be dry cleaned, but this isn’t true. A good set of silk sheets can be thrown in the washer and dryer, as long as the proper detergent is used. Silk sheets will continue to become even more soft after they are washed several times, see Bed Sheet Advisor. They will not shrink much, especially high quality silk sheets. While silk sheets are often more expensive (especially a set with a high thread count), they will last longer than cotton sheets and they are a very good investment for your comfort. Silk sheets also expose people to fewer chemicals and they are environmentally friendly because they are made from natural silk spun by silk worms. Finally, unlike many other things made of silk like lingerie and undergarments, silk sheets are heavier and they last much longer than other silk materials, making them a good investment.

What to Look For When Buying Silk Sheets

If you are looking to purchase a nice set of silk sheets, there are few things to consider. First of all, again it should be mentioned that silk sheets are a great investment. They keep you cool in the summer months and warmer in the winter, and they last a very long time. You can buy two different kinds of silk: Cultivated or ‘Mulberry’ silk, and Wild or ‘Tussah’ silk. The former are higher quality, more expensive sheets and will last much longer when it comes to sheen, comfort and general life span. The latter are less expensive and are more common. You will ultimately want to look at the ‘momme weight’ which is the Japanese term for the weight of silk. Good quality silk sheets are normally between 12-19 mm. Remember the higher the ‘momme’ weight, the better quality the sheets are (sort of like the thread count when looking at Egyptian Cotton sheets). The major factor when purchasing any product of course, is figuring out whether the benefits justify the costs. Good silk bed sheets are very comfortable and soft, but many people settle for cotton because of the expense. You can read more on this facebook page.

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